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Natural and a mix of design and vintage at huizejolie

Light with mostly white, natural, brown and black accents and a mix of new, vintage and thrift.


I am Jolie from @huizejolie. I'm a real interior design freak, wall art creator of unique wall hangings, mother of 3 super sweet kids (20-17-17 years), still in love with my husband Rudolf and of course dachshund Harvey. I grew up decorating and making your home beautiful, my parents had a home improvement store for 30 years. I sometimes say my mom was the offline influencer of the 90s. We have been living in our art-deco house in Venlo (NL) since December 2019 and we have renovated absolutely everything you can imagine. I'd love to take you through our renovation journey, my interior design taste and the love for my wall hangings.


Our home

Our home is a town house by the park with a small garden and large garage (50m2). At first we thought 'we'll flatten the garage, build an extension and make the garden bigger'. In the end the plan was completely turned around and we came up with an 'out of the box' solution. Downstairs, the old house was completely broken up into one large living kitchen. It is now hard to imagine that this used to be just a living room. Where the kitchen used to be is now my studio, where I make my wall hangings. The garage has been transformed into a living room; it has been raised, long narrow windows have been put in and everything is connected by a glass corridor. Really special!



At our place, inside is outside and vice versa. The glass corridor runs through the patio and the glass front gives you a view outside. We have had the grounded concrete floor on the inside poured through. So it is one floor, from the front of the kitchen to the living room. The patio is a lovely courtyard garden where a 20-year-old grape hangs above our dining table as a natural shade. There is also a beautiful fig and 2 olive trees. We are not garden people so this patio, where we can eat with 8 people and where we have a lounge area, is perfect for us. Fire up the BBQ, add some wine and enjoy!



Our home is light with mostly white, natural, brown and black colors and accents. It is an absolute mix of materials but also of new, vintage and thrift store finds. We are very happy with some heirlooms, like the old monastery table and the piano, which may never leave. This makes our house alive and ours. I am a real thrift store fan, tip: download the thrift store app! The big pieces, like the sofa and the long table in the kitchen (which are 3 separate tables, by the way), are actually always in their place. With the home accessories I can keep changing. At least once a month I remove all accessories, gather them in 1 place and give them a new place in the house. This way, uou immediately have a completely different interior!


Wall Art

Because we have not lived in our house for long and we did not want to ruin the newly plastered walls with drill holes, there has been nothing on the wall for a long, long time. It was a bit bare, so I started thinking about what I wanted. It had to be an eye-catcher, light and easy to move around because I like to change things up. I still had a beautiful piece of linen lying around and started to embroider a wall hanging from it. The love of nature, round shapes and botanical branches gave me inspiration. One thing led to another and now I have more than 10 outlets in the Netherlands, my wall hangings are sold on Curacao and I have made many wall hangings for interior lovers. I make everything to measure, color and type of embroidery, so everything is possible!


Interior wishes

While I'm writing this, the cabinetmaker is building a cabinet that I'm going to finish with stucco myself. This will be my showcase cabinet where I can store all my beautiful things and shop or recycle even more! Want to see how the closet turned out?  Follow me on instagram: @huizejolie. If you have any questions about the wall hangings send me a private message or email me at [email protected].  

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Housse de couette Maxime

La housse de couette Maxime est fabriquee en tissu 100 % lin lave. Disponible dans huit belles couleurs tendance.

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